#LD30DaysOfKeto nearing the finish line!

What a Monday! I planned to hit the mountain today (and the rest of the week for that matter), and that's exactly what I did.  It was a bit slippery and I did slip coming down, but my goal was met.  I'm pretty excited about my upcoming 2 year mark of starting my weight loss journey and 1 year mark of maintaining my weight.  As mentioned before, that will conclude my constant obsessing over my weight loss journey.  It really is time for me to move on.  What I mean by that is, I have to start to LIVE more.  I basically won't be on a weight loss mission, but more so a healthy lifestyle kick.

Excuse the face because I am very much in love with my latest purchase, but I wanted to share this picture because I think this is really when I saw myself and my accomplishment for the first time.  This trench is a size small.  A size small trench that I can not only button and tie the belt on, but also managed to have all of my "mentionables" covered up because there is nothing under it!  I was like girl, you are a small! IN A COAT! I really had to take a step back and say "Lakeitha, you've made it babe.  Enjoy yourself now. Stop stressing and being so focused on the scale." 
I've been told to give up the scale many times, but I just wasn't ready to do so.  I'm not sure if it was fear, or me making sure I don't go over a certain number, but whatever it is, I'm over it and after these last 2 weeks of being keto, I'm definitely moving on.  There is nothing healthy about stepping on a scale everyday and that's something I've been doing for nearly 2 years.  It's time to stop.
But until then, I told you guys I would share my weekly weigh in while I'm on Keto.  I weighed in yesterday and was still at 172 and I was sure that wasn't right! I mean, what did I not do right?  So I drank my water, ate the same and carried on (though I did feel like shit lol!) and then I weighed again today.  Today, I was 170 on the dot! That means I probably was holding on to some water weight.  Too much sodium from somewhere and I'm assuming it was from dinner Saturday night. 
This week is looking promising with getting more shots of my home.  I have updated my bedroom a bit and I still want to share plans for my office.  Hopefully I can finish all of these orders I have in the shop within the next two days.  We'll see.  I know you will definitely see the updates in my bedroom though! So stay tuned for that.
Have a great night, ladies